Bioidentical Hormone Patient Testimonials and Reviews

I love Dr. Bill! I did the Bio-identical Hormones and absolutely love and recommend it. I love the way I feel, love the results, love everything about it. The doctor was very knowledgeable, nice, and very patient with all of my questions. Great place, great staff, great doctor and great results! -Vanessa B. (age 33)

I came to Dr. Bill with fatigue, sadness, loss of motivation, basically almost depressed. He suggested that it could be hormonal imbalance. I thought that was crazy since I’m only 35. Turns out he was right according to all the lab tests that confirmed his initial evaluation. The procedure took 25 minutes, it was easy, and I couldn’t feel a thing which is a big bonus since I’m a baby when it comes to pain! It’s been almost 3 weeks now and I feel so great, I highly recommend Bioidentical Hormones… at least I would say, in doubt, do your labs, and find out if you can be helped… it did wonders for me, I lost 5 pounds just by not being so anxious and sleeping better. I never get tired anymore, my lovely wife is forever grateful. -James L.

I am beyond impressed with Utah Stem Cells, the team of doctors and the staff that make it so very extraordinary. I feel so fortunate to have picked up the Groupon that led me to discover this organization. I am now a dedicated client for life and I will never go elsewhere.Having lived in Utah, New York, Kentucky and California I have visited countless medical-type establishments over the last ten years. Without question, Utah Stem Cells is in a class of its own, raising the bar and setting a new standard of excellence for any and all businesses offering medical services of any kind.

Dr. Cimikoski (aka Dr. Bill) is phenomenal. Using the kind of stem cells free of ethically questionable taboos, he is redefining the practice of medicine as we know it; saving lives, curing chronic pain and restoring beauty, one patient at a time. He is both a genius and an artist and under his care I have experienced the following sentiment for the very first time: I would trust this man with my own life.

Dr. Bill probably hand-picked the staff members that make up his team at Utah Stem Cells because they are equally commendable. I had the great pleasure of having Marlene Lingrene, LME for an aesthetic procedure the other day. Unbeknownst to me, I had several significant misconceptions with regard to cleaning and caring for my skin. She set the record straight about these misconceptions and informed me about the products I should and should not be using from my personal toiletry bag. Ultimately, I left this two-hour appointment remarkably enlightened about skincare and determined to reform my own routine to eradicate my bad habits.

The venerable nature of this business is apparent from the moment one steps through the door to be greeted by the ladies at the front desk. Having a friendly receptionist should go without saying, a fundamental component to any successful business. The staff at Utah Stem Cells, however, takes this concept to the next level. Every employee that I interacted with gave me the impression that they GENUINELY cared about me and my individual circumstances. I didn’t think too much of it, however, until I visited the office for my next appointment. Much to my dismay, the second time I walked through the front doors I was personally greeted by three different ladies, all of whom recognized my face and remembered my name.

I pride myself in being an illustrious consumer, and this level of personalized attention from each and every staff-member is uniquely emblematic of Utah Stem Cells as a whole. Every aspect of this cutting-edge facility is fantastic and unparalleled. I highly recommend this business, Dr. Bill and Marlene Lingrene. If you come across a Groupon or you are presented with an opportunity to visit Utah Stem Cells, I leave you with one last piece of advice: “RUN, DON’T WALK!” -Jessica. B

Utah Stem Cells is by far the best option for feeling better. Thanks Dr. Cimikoski and Staff! -Troy K.

I love Utah Stem Cells! I did the Bio Identical Hormone Treatment and I absolutely love and recommend it! I love the way I feel, love the results, love everything about it. The doctor was very knowledgable, nice, and very patient with all of my questions. Great place, great staff, great doctor and great results! -Vanessa T.

An excellent health care center. The staffs are so friendly and helpful who helped me to deal with bioidentical hormones. Personally I am so happy for their tremendous efforts. It improved my life style and now I feel great. I can’t recommend enough. -Ehsan II

Doctor Cimikoski is the best at what he does!!! Highly recommend him, and all his team. -Jessica R.

I am so happy with my experience!!!! Dr. Bill Cimikoski takes so much pride in his work. My hands down BEST experience to date. Thank you! Great prices! Beautiful results. I’m so excited! !!! -Melissa G.

Fantastic job Dr. Bill, the results are so much better than what i expected. 🙂 -Cidinha R.

you should book for an Appointment. utah Stem Cells -Adetoro M.

Dr. Bill is the best doctor ever! always considerate of patients. I really admire his work. -Livia B.